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SisuMitsuwa Collagen Pure

Mitsuwa Collagen Pure Dietary Supplement

Collagen is an important connective tissue protein found in our body (skin, muscle, and joints), accounting for 25-30% of the whole-body protein content. Many factors hinder collagen production and contribute to collagen loss such as aging, sun exposure, pollution, poor health and lifestyle habits; collagen loss directly influences skin deterioration and speeds up the aging process.

MITSUWA Collagen Pure is a natural dietary supplement from Japan with no impurities, no artificial additives and no preservatives – it is 100% collagen!.


•100% natural with no impurities
•Highly-dissolvable and easy for the body to absorb
•No artificial color additives or preservatives
•No unpleasant taste and easy to consume
•Low in calories
•Individually-packaged in hygienic packs for convenience
•100% made in Japan


1-2 packs per day (2-4g collagen peptide), or as suggested by your health practitioner.