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Sappho: Eye Shadow

All Sappho products are free of harmful synthetic preservatives, including parabens, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, talc and dimethicone. They are carefully crafted to be both healthy and beautiful, and the natural organic ingredients provide many benefits.

Celebrated by Hollywood clientele and makeup artists alike, Sappho Organic Cosmetics are sexy and lush, and they look and feel great on your skin.

After being opened, Sappho makeup has a shelf life of 1½-2 years—or even longer if it is kept in a cool, dark area. (Natural mineral makeup has a shelf life because it contains no chemical preservatives.)


top curve


This mixed pink ivory eyeshadow can augment any makeup.

skin care


This satiny pewter shade is fantastic for day makeup, and is great if you want a smoky eye.

skin care


A rich multi~ layered warm pink . It is sultry and strong with just a small hint of peach.

skin care


A satiny buttery shade which is a must for the basis of a great makeup and is THE neutral on which to build a great makeup.

skin care

Gotta Luv

A soft deep plum that pairs really well with Manifest, Dream or Chambrelle.

skin care


A soft hilighted gold eyeshadow that pairs beautifully with the deep plum shade Gottaluv. Use as a lid or under brow accent.

skin care

Pick Purple

A fully saturated purple pigment, this color adds lustre and life to any makeup.

skin care

Cravin Cocoa

This silky reddish-brown eyeshadow is great as a soft liner or eye contour for daytime. It looks incredible on blue eyes!

skin care

Midnight Escapade

Soft, intensely pigmented black, this eyeshadow is for sultry, smoky eyes.

skin care

Sweet Hailey

A sweet, pretty, soft shadow for all over the eyelid or as a soft eye contour—great for your daytime look.

skin care

Sweet Tarte

Soft pink eyeshadow—beautiful colour to uplift the spirits!

skin care


A soft periwinkle shade of eyeshadow which goes on smooth as silk.