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Sappho: Brushes

All Sappho products are free of harmful synthetic preservatives, including parabens, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, talc and dimethicone. They are carefully crafted to be both healthy and beautiful, and the natural organic ingredients provide many benefits.

Celebrated by Hollywood clientele and makeup artists alike, Sappho Organic Cosmetics are sexy and lush, and they look and feel great on your skin.

Sappho's brushes are made of Syntho fiber and are cruelty free.

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Angle Brush

This awesome eyeliner brush may be used dry or wet to contour your eyes. Use it dry to create a soft line; use it wet for a stylized liner look. Great for shaping brows as well.

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Concealer Brush

The perfect concealer brush: slightly full, but tapered flat.

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Crease Brush

A perfect fit for the crease of the eye and strong enough to blend colour, this brush is great for eyelids and contours!

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Eye Shadow Brush

Strong enough to hold shadow but soft enough to deliver the product with ease, this shadow brush feels great and performs incredibly!

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Foundation Brush

Sappho's specially designed foundation brush moves liquid or powder foundation beautifully over your skin and enables you to easily build layers if needed.

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Kabuki Brush

This eco-luxurious brush is a must-have. It works not only for blush, but also for powder foundation and bronzer. This brush fits in your purse's makeup bag but performs like a big brush, feels incredible on the skin and moves powder well.