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Phytopharmica/Enzymatic Therapy

Restful Zzz’s

(formerly Valerian 400)

High-potency valerian extract to improve sleep quality.†



Why use valerian to support healthy sleep?

It's non-habit forming, and won't make you feel groggy:†

Valerian has a trusted track record supporting sleep.† Plus, it's a non-habit forming supplement with no groggy side-effects. Taken regularly, valerian helps improve the length of time in the most important deep-sleep stage.†

Why take Restful Zzz's™?

It gives you a deep sleep "boost":†

With a good night's sleep, you'll feel a lot more energized in the morning.† Restful Zzz's™ contains standardized valerian extract, which has been clinically shown to improve sleep quality.†


Two UltraCaps™ 30-45 minutes before bedtime.



  Amount/Serving %DV
Total Carbohydrate <1g <1%**
Sugars <1g *
Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) 800mg *


This product does not contain

  • artificial coloring
  • artificial flavoring
  • corn
  • dairy products
  • gluten
  • ingredients of animal origin
  • preservatives
  • salt
  • soy
  • sugar
  • wheat
  • yeast

This product contains natural ingredients; color variations are normal.


Caution: May impair your ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Due to additive sedative effect avoid using with alcohol. If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

**Based on 2000 calorie diet.Other Ingredients: vegetable polysaccharide capsule, cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.