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  • Enerex Enteric-coated Serrapeptase is made from an enzyme that removes blockages in your body that impede your natural healing ability. Serrapeptase can be thought of as a natural pipe cleaner for your body to dissolve arterial plaque, blood clots, cysts, and scar tissue while eliminating pain and inflammation. If you are using NSAID drugs for inflammation or pain, but worry about their harmful side effects, Enerex Serrapeptase is a highly effective and proven natural alternative.

  • With over 30 years of research that speaks to how safe and effective Serrapeptase is across a wide array of ailments, it's no wonder it has been dubbed "The Miracle Enzyme". Studies and clinical evidence indicate major improvements in post-operative swelling and healing, cardiovascular and sinus issues, and the ability to ease the pain and inflammation symptoms. Enerex Serrapeptase has tens of thousands of pain-free, happy fans, and you could be one, too.

Medicinal Ingredients

Each enteric-coated vegetarian capsule contains:


Serratia peptidase enzyme preparation 15 mg per 30,000U



Non-medicinal ingredients


vegetarian capsule