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Sappho: Blush

All Sappho products are free of harmful synthetic preservatives, including parabens, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, talc and dimethicone. They are carefully crafted to be both healthy and beautiful, and the natural organic ingredients provide many benefits.

Celebrated by Hollywood clientele and makeup artists alike, Sappho Organic Cosmetics are sexy and lush, and they look and feel great on your skin.

After being opened, Sappho makeup has a shelf life of 1½-2 years—or even longer if it is kept in a cool, dark area. (Natural mineral makeup has a shelf life because it contains no chemical preservatives.)

Note: Natural mineral blushes can be used as eye shadows as well as blush.


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Bronze Goddess 1

A light toned bronzer that can be used with most skin tones.

skin care

Bronze Goddess 2

A darker bronzer that highlights tanned and darker skin tones

skin care

Emma's Blush

A rich multi~ layered warm pink . It is sultry and strong with just a small hint of peach.

skin care


A robust deep blush best suited to those with darker and richer complexions. It is also a fantastic eyeshadow.

skin care

Fleur Pressed Blush

Bring light and life to your face with this soft pink blush.

skin care

Solace Pressed Blush

A soft pressed mineral blush which creates an incredibly subtle blush on darker skin and beautifully shades fairer skin to bring out cheekbones and jaw lines.